396630_4749335811956_312598937_n Ollie Tribe – PresidentDegree: BSc Exercise & Sport Science
Position: Running Back
Number: 25
Favourite American Football Team: Baltimore Ravens
What got you interested in American Football?
YouTube highlight videos of ‘hardest hits’ compilations and crazy kick-off/punt returns were the source of my initial interest. Following that I watched Superbowl 43 between the Steelers and the Cardinals, which ended with a ridiculous touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes in the dying seconds. From there I started to watch highlights of as many games as possible and tuned in late every Sunday night for coverage on Channel 4.
What made you decide to play for the Exeter Demons?
I had played a lot of football (soccer) in previous years and began to get a bit tired of the same old stuff. I wanted to try a sport that I was new to and could improve at rapidly. American football suited me because I have always enjoyed team sports that involve some degree of physical contact and aggression… It was a no brainer when I found out that Exeter had their own team and that they accepted newcomers with open arms.
Charlie Hall – Vice President 474736_10150566581206403_133036804_o
George D George Droulias – Treasurer
Matt Parish – Publicity & FundraisingDegree: BA Geography, Anthropology, International Relations
Position: D-Line
Number: 90
Favourite American Football Team: New England Patriots
What got you interested in American Football?

Well, I turned up at Exeter not really knowing anything about Football, but I went to the taster sessions with a mate and really enjoyed it… spiralled from there really. Football’s become my favorite sport over the course of the last year.

What made you decide to play for the Exeter Demons?

The community. I found the taster sessions really welcoming, I felt like I belonged underneath a helmet, fighting some other sweaty man. I went to the Sunday Night Football socials and just… stuck around. Best decision of 2012.

422515_10150694926777495_1790153324_n Minh Nguyen – Social SecDegree: BA Business Economics
Position: Running Back
Number: 42
Favourite American Football Team: New York Giants
What got you interested in American Football?
It started in 2010 when a couple of my friends in Sixth form introduced me to the Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. I was intrigued by the game’s complexity and its atmosphere that I think no other sport has. I then spent the offseason following NFL news and playing Madden, which then I picked my favourite team: the New York Giants.
What made you decide to play for the Exeter Demons?
I found out about the Demons late in the first year of university and so then I decided to join the team in the second year. Because it’s such an unconventional sport everywhere except for in the US, I took the chance and play it.
Michael Reece – Social SecDegree: BA Drama
Position: Cornerback
Number: 22
Favourite American Football Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
What got you interested in American Football?
I had always had a passing interest in the sport, regularly playing the Madden video games and having some idea of the star players of each team. However, my passion for the sport began to develop after watching the Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals at Super Bowl 43. I’ve been hooked ever since.
What made you decide to play for the Exeter Demons?
I decided that my university experience should involve a lot of risk taking. I wanted to try something I never had before and would have little opportunity to do after University. After perusing the Exeter sport websites and discovering the American Football team, it became a simple decision.
 431978_10150519593281748_829249185_n Myles Bebbington
James Lee

Degree: BA Economics

Position: Defensive End

Number: 41

Favourite American Football Team: Washington Redskins

What got you interested in American Football? I only really started paying attention to the sport a couple of years ago when I tagged along with a friend to watch the Super Bowl and loved the combination of physicality and strategy involved. It all kinda escalated from there, watching endless YouTube clips and reading about the teams. I was addicted pretty quickly. What made you decide to play for the Demons?

I wanted to give a new sport a try and really liked the idea that most people join the Demons as a novice. Even if you have never played the American Football before, you get an instant opportunity to interact with the coaches and compete for a position on a BUCS team straight away. I went along to a few taster sessions and met the coaches and some of the guys I would be playing with, easy decision.

345_45374478656_9793_n Freddie Weihe – Game-Day Manager & StashDegree: BSc Applied Clinical Psychology
Position: Linebacker
Number: 29
Favourite NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles


What got you interested in American Football?

When I flicked the channel to see Michael Vick make one of his incredible QB runs out of the pocket

What made you decide to play for the Exeter Demons?

Having been hooked watching NFL during my last two years at school, I tried American Football with the East Kent Mavericks Youth Team during my weekends. From there I knew that American Football was a sport that I wanted to continue playing. When I found out there was a team at Exeter, I had to give the taster session a go and I really enjoyed it. Hardly missed a training session since.