Sponsorship of Exeter Demons Super Bowl Party

The Exeter Demons are currently looking to secure sponsorship for their annual Super Bowl Party. The event is a fantastic social which over 500 people attended last year, raising much needed funds for the club allowing us to purchase essential items of kit. During the event we host a raffle which is what we require sponsorship for. Our previous sponsors would supply us with around £300 worth of merchandise, with 50% of the proceeds from the raffle going to a charity of their choice. Last year we sold 700 tickets and would expect a similar return. If this is the type of event you would be interested in sponsoring, please contact Josh Callander at americanfootball.captain@exeter.ac.uk


Hole in the Wall Sponsorship 2015-16 

Thank you to our local premium sports bar Hole in the Wall for their sponsorship of our 2015-2016 season. We look forward to a positive relationship, excellent socials and our signature event ‘The Super Bowl Party’.